Welcome to Synergy SEO Company, a digital agency with the knowledge and expertise you need to push your business website to the top of results pages for popular search engines like Google. Prospective customers are always looking for businesses in your industry and these days, most are using the internet to find your service. Our procedures ensure that they find you, before they find competing businesses. We specialize in increasing your visibility through Search Engine Optimisation to bring you more visitors, more interest and increased revenue as a result. The customers are already out there, you just need to be in front of them before your competitors.

Synergy is Australia’s leading results driven SEO consulting firm, and we provide a range of services that take advantage of the opportunities presented by well strategised digital marketing. We specialise in bringing more traffic to your business website through the most widely used search portals "organically", without the need for a paid advertisement campaign. We use our SEO techniques to bring you real, organic traffic that promotes your business to those who need your service.

What we do


Search Engine Optimisation for organic rankings with popular search engines such as Google is our specialty.


Social Media Marketing conducted via popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


Pay Per Click advertising via Google AdWords is a great way to gain instant traffic and sales.

Web design

Give your website a facelift or undo damage done by a previous SEO company with a new site on a new domain.


SEO is far more than a simple simple choice of words used on your website. There are a wide range of factors that determine the ranking of a given page among search results and finding that balance is crucial. Our extensive knowledge of best SEO practices distinguishes us from our competitors and makes Synergy a recognised expert in the field. We take advanced technical concepts and present them in an accessible way to help you understand the full capabilities of SEO and where your money is being spent.

The marketplace of today makes your website one of the most important components of your business. Every business needs a website to serve as an introduction to the company, as potential customers commonly use the Internet to find out information about products and services as well as the businesses that provide them. This has decreased the role of traditional advertising techniques in the modern buying process, and consumers of today often trust the results of an Internet search to a far greater extent than any promotional efforts. Failure to capitalise on the power of SEO puts your business at a severe disadvantage when competing with more astute companies who place themselves in the best possible position to get new customers.

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Learn More ABOUT SEO

When potential customers search for businesses like yours to fulfill a need, they use specific relevant key phrases to search. This means that they are actively seeking out your product or service and want to do business with a company like yours in the near future. When they enter these phrases into search engines, the results on the first page are those that the potential customer is most likely to click on. Search Engine Optimisation is more effective than convential advertising methods such as print or radio, as it is carefully configured to target the most interested parties.
Less experienced SEO Companies take a boilerplate approach to their clients, using the same strategies for every campaign. We tailor each of our Search Engine Optimisation projects to the specific needs of the client, as each industry and audience type requires an individualised approach to yield the best results. This adaptability and attention to detail makes Synergy the clear choice for businesses seeking an effective way to maximise their reach toward potential new business.
At Synergy, our focus is not just page ranking, but increasing the total visibility of your business, the same we do when operating our sister-brand Resolve Web Marketing. We are a full-service Digital Media developer, and we specialise in creating social media campaigns, custom web pages, advertising videos, direct advertising and more utilities designed to put your business in front of the eyes that need to see it on a consistent basis. An investment in web marketing is exactly that, with returns commonly far exceeding a client's expectation. To learn more, download and read this cost information document.
Our team of expert strategists have decades of combined experience innovating customised solutions for businesses. Our highly qualified computer scientists and data analysts possess a deep understanding of how search engines index the results they compile upon search. We welcome technical questions as well as clarification on technical information from other sources, because we are happy to share out knowledge to those who stand to benefit from it most. Search Engine Optimisation requires advanced knowledge, vigilant attention and the insight to know what methods work best for a given client. At Synergy SEO Gold Coast (we also conduct Australia-wide campaigns) we are proud to specialise in all of the aforementioned. It all starts with a custom strategy, as below:

Step 1: strategy

It all starts with identifying the keywords that will result in the greatest financial gain for your business and where your traffic is waiting.

step 2: ranking

The technical process to be undertaken by our expert technicians. Watch as your website climbs the search engine results pages.

step 3: lead conversion

It is one thing this have more website traffic, but another to ensure that you are converting visitors into paying customers. This is where we excel.