Pay Per Click

Google’s Pay-Per-Click advertising service known as AdWords is a cost-effective way to deliver well-targeted traffic to your business website. In addition to relevant ads on search results pages, it uses search history and online activity records to help determine the interests and needs of a user and displays relevant ads during website browsing. These ads are free to display, and the advertising costs are only paid when a user actually clicks the ad to be redirected to your website. This means that you only pay for views by those potential customers who are seriously interested in the product or service your company provides. Synergy SEO specialises in helping businesses get the most from this convenient utility that practically delivers customers to your door.

Relevant, Targeted Traffic

Your Google AdWords display is triggered by relevant keywords that are entered into Google by a user. AdWords search results often appear above the standard results on a Google search page and are highlighted in yellow or pale pink. This makes them the some of the most visible objects on the results page, and therefore an extremely valuable platform for any business owner wishing to increase the visibility of his company’s website. Synergy SEO works closely with your company to design advertising content that keeps the attention Google AdWords inherently lends those who utilise the service for their businesses.

Synergy SEO offers the most thorough Google AdWords consulting services on the Internet. We charge a flat fee, unlike our competitors who take a percentage of your total advertising investment for themselves. We set a budget for your business and get the most from your money. We create compelling advertising materials with catchy sales copy that makes potential clients look twice. We constantly review your campaign and our customised strategies to ensure it is always best for your business. We carefully monitor all aspects of your Google AdWords campaign to help it maintain maximum value for the life of the campaign.

Lowering Your Spend

We work to minimise your spending amount for an AdWords campaign to the lowest effective investment, as our focus is on your numbers, not ours. We provide regular comprehensive reports on the progress of your AdWords campaign to allow you to see the vaue our service provides for yourself. An AdWords campaign with the assistance of Synergy SEO is an excellent choice for any business owner seeking a way to use every advertising dollar in their company’s budget in the most effective manner possible.

Google AdWords is a highly complex process rivaling the technical knowledge of SEO in order to achieve the best possible results. Our expertise is the difference between throwing money at an ineffective solution and receiving a favorable return on your investment in a Google AdWords campaign. AdWords does not have set prices to display an sponsored search result, and rewards successful ad campaigns with lower rates. Our knowledge of the most effective strategies and commitment to reducing your required advertising budget means Synergy SEO saves you advertising dollars on multiple fronts.

Partnering With Organic

An AdWords campaign is an outstanding supplement to an organic SEO campaign or Social Media campaign like the ones we provide. Good SEO helps your business appear at the top of Google search results, and a well-run Google AdWords campaign ensures that it does. When your paid AdWords campaign appears on the same page as your highly ranked website in search results, your company is in the best possible position to attract new customers using the world’s most popular search engine to seek out businesses like yours. We are proud to give you the tools to work these powerful utilities to the advantage of your business. At Synergy SEO, we make sure as many roads as possible lead to your website.

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