Synergy SEO Agency, as a new branch of our Gold Coast head office, is pleased to offer our Search Engine Optimisation expertise to local businesses of any size in the Gold Coast area and across Australia. Although we cater to the needs of businesses nationwide, our services are ideal for local operators. A large percentage of Internet searches seeking out providers of a product or service are location-based, as potential clients obviously want to find a solution that is convenient to their location. We increase your visibility to these customers, placing your business front and center before those actively trying to find a business like yours in their area.

Your business exists within a specific industry. It requires customised strategies to reach its target market and make the most out of every dollar that goes into it. What works without fail in one market is destined for failure in another, and blindly applying the same strategy to all websites is similar. Your business website needs an individualised approach to maximize the potential of your campaign, and it is this tailor-made expertise that makes Synergy the best choice for a Gold Coast business looking for new customers.

A large scale search engine such as Google is a billion-dollar tool and users trust the results it delivers to make real world decisions. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to provide the most relevant results to users of the service as well as filter out undesirable results and poorly performed techniques. A search engine that learns and adapts as it goes, requires digital marketing experts who do the same and the team of experienced computer scientists at Synergy Agency are constantly studying the newest developments in search engine technology to stay abreast of the latest techniques needed to take advantage of the power of Search Engine Optimisation.

THE SEO Process

  1. Consult

    The first stage of any SEO Campaign is to gather a thorough understanding of your business and what you hope to achieve with your online marketing.


    We then delve deep into your market and identify what keyword phrases are going to present the most financial gain for your business.


    This is the technical, on-going sequence of SEO. Although it takes time to deliver results, it is a long-term investment and any wait is always worth enduring.


    Once your website is ranking, you will receive a flood of new traffic, which we will assist you with converting into paying customers, at the highest ratio possible.

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Percent of all Search Engine usage is with GOOGLE

Tablets and Smart Phones need SEO attention too. We can help.

WE DON't "PACKAGE" your campaign

Generic Search Engine Optimisation methods can actually decrease the value of a business website. Stilted, unnatural website content, repetitive keyword usage and backlink building incorporating spamming techniques that are the hallmarks of poor optimisation, make your business website less reputable. Such a website makes it less likely that an otherwise interested consumer will seek to patronise your business. They are also ineffective in increasing the search rankings or your website, as newer search engine programming is designed to penalise or outright ignore results containing what appears to be spam.

Synergy SEO Gold Coast uses more natural techniques that have proven more and more effective as the search engines grow more stringent in their classification of a relevant search result. We do more than revise your content for keyword "density" and throw your website link onto unrelated sites for cheap backlinks. We carefully examine all facets of your company and its desired clientele to determine the best solutions for attracting new, interested customers to your business. We identify the key phrases that users of a search engine are most likely to enter when searching for a business of your type and we implement it in a strategic fashion so that it flows with relevant information on the page. This intelligent strategy, often incorporating social media marketing is the only way to truly unlock the potential of, and the process is our specialty.

The evolving digital marketplace demands marketing solutions that evolve with it, and our team of certified Gold Coast SEO experts is dedicated to keeping our techniques effective and sustainable regardless of changes to how a search engine interprets results. Optimisation for organic rankings is more often proving to provide a much greater return on financial investment compared to conventional print advertising and even out-performs Google Adwords in terms of return. Simply put, our methods are designed to work and keep working, and these techniques separate us from less experienced consulting firms. Synergy is one of the most respected web marketing consulting firms in Australia due to our comprehensive knowledge of the field. Contact us today to experience the difference real proficiency can make. Find us on Google Places


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With a little time, your website will rank in the top positions of Google. New business pours in.


An increase in website traffic will always result in more sales. It is a fundamental law of nature!

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