Social media utilities such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are some of the most popular sites on the Internet. Millions of users visit these sites each day to do nothing more than examine what the digital world has to offer. This makes social media an unprecedented fertile ground for effective marketing opportunities, and the effect of successful social media campaigns typically spreads much more quickly due to the convenient sharing functions of social networks. Failure to take advantage of the platform that social media interaction provides is a hindrance to your potential success in virtually every market. Synergy SEO helps business owners discover the power of an effective social media campaign through our carefully strategised social marketing initiatives.

Personal interaction with current and potential new customers is among the most effective ways to establish a relationship with your target market. A social media marketing campaign presents the ideal opportunity to do this, as social media potentially puts any voice into the ears of millions of people all over the world. A social media campaign allows your business to get closer to its clientele no matter the physical distance, making each advertising campaign into one of global scope. Synergy SEO helps businesses raise brand awareness and reach and create leads as well as generating direct sales through carefully crafted social media marketing campaigns that speak to previously inaccessible potential customers on a personal level.


The modern marketplace sees a shift away from traditional desktop computers and laptops toward more portable options such as smartphones and tablets. These devices enable users to access the Internet almost anywhere, and the majority of people use this access to browse social media applications as opposed to the normal web surfing that traditional advertising methods are designed to cover. This is far from a fad, as countries all over the globe including Australia are spending billions on infrastructure initiatives to better facilitate the use of such mobile devices.

The small-screen revolution is here to stay, and this monumental change in the way many people access the Internet makes an effective social media campaign indispensable to any business looking to adapt with the changing market. Synergy SEO specialises in developing social media marketing solutions to help businesses in any industry remain visible to potential new customers as they move further away from their home computers and the reach of conventional advertising.

We can devise a customised social media marketing strategy that is completely tailored to your target market and individual needs. We set up and design custom social media fan pages to raise awareness of and support for your business. We add the most popular social media buttons to your website to allow users to share, “Like” and “+1” your website content on their social media pages and incorporate blog on your website that is integrated with your company’s social media presence to allow you to share news, updates and promotions with your social media connections. We provide comprehensive monitoring and assistance as well as creating companion email marketing campaigns to bolster your social media efforts.


The rapid expansion of social media has permanently changed the landscape of marketing. A well managed social media campaign is an essential component to the online presence of a modern business and can often be more financially viable when compared to Google Adwords or Organic SEO. It allows business owners to increase the reach of their companies by spotlighting them on the websites their target markets are most likely to visit. Synergy SEO is a full-service social media marketing company that offers businesses the opportunity to seize this valuable opportunity in promotion. Social media marketing is the future of advertisement, and our SEO Company is proud to make the future as bright as possible for all of our clients.




With over 1.1 Billion users around the world, most of which engage with the platform everyday, there are endless leads available in a variety of markets.



Twitter is the micro-blogging king and with people obsessively accessing their accounts at work, shopping, trains and more, there are abundant opportunities.



Sometimes all it takes is a 10 second video to capture a lead from this social media giant. Every business should be engaging YouTube in some capacity.



Millions of jobs and contracts have been landed thanks to the LinkedIn community. businesses should be engaging this platform, if not just for social credibility.